Use optimization score to help improve Google Ads performance

Official guide to optimization score and recommendations.

Optimization score is calculated based on how well your account is set to perform across Search, Display and Shopping. It surfaces personalized recommendations that are account-specific based on the following areas:

  • Ads and extensions
  • Automated campaigns
  • Bidding and budgets
  • Keywords and targeting
  • Repairs

1. Apply recommendations that support your business goals

Why: Google Ads will continuously identify opportunities for your account, and adds new recommendations based on real-time data. Recommendations will continue to expand across more campaigns in the future.

  • Dismiss recommendations that do not align with your goals

Why: You know your business best, so dismiss any recommendations that don’t align with your goals. You do not need to apply every recommendation. Goals can change, so you can always come back to the recommendations you dismissed.

2. Manage your account more efficiently

  • Prioritize the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on performance. 

Why: Optimization score uses personalized recommendations based on account history, auction simulations, statistical models and more. Recommendations predicted to improve performance the most will have a higher score. These recommendations will be surfaced at the top of the Recommendations page.

  • Review optimization score at the level most relevant to you.

Why: Optimization score is available at the campaign, account, and manager account level

3. Analyze recommendations based on your priorities

  • Filter recommendations by sections.

Why: Recommendations are organized into 5 sections: ads & extensions, automated campaigns, bidding & budgets, keywords & targeting, and repairs.

  • Download recommendations for offline analysis or to apply using Google Ads Editor.

Why: Recommendations can be applied directly from Google Ads. Select recommendations can be downloaded and applied using Google Ads Editor.

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